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Why not get into the festive spirit this year by entering the Carwoola Christmas gate/fence decorating contest!

How to enter To enter the Deck the Gate competition send an email with participants names, address of gate/fence and preferred contact details to no later than 18 December. You must 18 to be eligible for a prize.

Rules - Gate/fences to be set up by 19 December 2020 - We just ask that gates/fences be appropriate for all viewing ages. - All gates/fences must be decorated by the individuals/families/ organisations named on the entry form (you may not hire a professional to help you). - Safety first - Do not include items that may be a safety hazard or block entry or exit to the residence/block.

Entries will be judged in two categories: - Most Festive and Most Original - No themes are imposed and you have total creative freedom to decorate your gate/fence. Get creative with your own theme, materials and colours.

Judging criteria: 1. Visual impact 2. Creativity 3. Festiveness 4. Originality.

A panel of volunteer judges from the Carwoola district will judge entrants on 20 December 20

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