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Advertising in The Carwoola Gazette

Carwoola Advertising packagers are as bellow.

If ad is not supplied print-ready, there may be a one-off set-up $25 fee (subject to review) 

Electronic formats that are accepted are text, Word, WordPerfect 11, PDF, MS Publisher 2007.

One-off ads & articles are dependent on material received for each issue - receipt does not guarantee inclusion.

Please email the Editors to confirm space availability..

New or one-off advertisers, are asked to include the charge for their ad with the copy. If e-mailing an advertisement, payment must be received before publication for one-off adverts. Permanent advertisers are invoiced six monthly, in March and September. There is no discount for advance payment or multiple advertisements.

Carwoola Community Association and Stoney Creek Gazette are not registered for GST.

Contact: Send the Editor an email with your ad details to

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Carwoola Gazette Contributor Guidelines

About the Gazette

The Carwoola Gazette is a vehicle to share information of interest to and about the Carwoola community. It is also connects the work of the Carwoola Community Association (CCA) with the community and vice versa, and promotes products and services from local businesses.


The Carwoola Gazette is funded primarily by advertising raised by the CCA,  


The Carwoola Community Association welcomes contributions of articles that are relevant and of interest to residents of Carwoola and surrounding areas. All articles will be reviewed by the CCA committee prior to publication. Final content is at the discretion of the CCA committee., The views published from individual community members will not necessarily reflect the views of committee members.


We ask that you follow the guidelines below when preparing your article

  • Articles should be no more than 500 words unless pre organised with the editor. Articles over this word count will be edited.

  • Please also include a title for your article.

  • Please include your full name in the body of your email. Your name will appear as author in the newsletter (unless you ask to be anonymous)

  • If your contribution includes images, please attach the images to the email. Jpg, png and tiff files are acceptableand include a caption for the image no longer than 1 sentence. You must ensure that images are copyright                           compliant.   

  • Submit your article to email by the nominated deadline (timeline on pg 1).       


To ensure the Carwoola Gazette is cost neutral there may be occasions when not all contributions are able to be included. In these instances, articles that are date/time sensitive will be given preference.

Screenshot 2019-12-02 14.31.00.png
Full page

180x255 mm



Screenshot 2019-12-02 14.54.02.png
Quarter page

90x125 or
180x60 mm



Screenshot 2019-12-02 14.34.02.png
Half page

180x125 mm



Screenshot 2019-12-02 14.36.08.png
Part-time Business - 
Quarter page

90x125 or
180x60 mm



Screenshot 2019-12-02 14.36.08.png
Third page

90x125 mm



Screenshot 2019-12-02 14.36.08.png
Classifieds & Casual Local Advertising

90x125 or
180x60 mm



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