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Welcome to the Carwoola



As part of the Carwoola community you will receive a free copy of the Carwoola Gazette in your letterbox each month, courtesy of the advertisers, many of whom also live in this area. The aim of the Gazette is to keep residents informed of activities in the local area. On the inside front cover you will find listings for some or the commonly-needed service organizations in the area, including the Carwoola Community Association with a list of our current volunteer office bearers.

We were all newcomers at one time and the Carwoola Community Association has compiled information pack below to give an overview of the rural residential area in which we live, what this community can offer you, and many other things we wished we had known when we moved here.

Regular monthly articles in the Carwoola Gazette include GARDENING ADVICE, WEED CONTROL INFORMATION, WEATHER WATCH for the previous month, and free CLASSIFIEDS. There are also regular reports from Carwoola Community Association, Carwoola Rural Fire Brigade and Carwoola Landcare Group. Contributions from residents are always welcome, either on a regular or one-off basis (contact the editor at


In addition to the monthly Gazette, Carwoolian's advise each other of lost or found dogs, wandering stock on roads, intentions to burn piles, road closures, tradie recommendations and all manner of other thinks via either the residents email list or the local Carwoola Facebook page.

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