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Latest News and Gazette

The Carwoola (formerly Stoney Creek) Gazette is a publication of the Carwoola Community Association Inc. It is distributed to mail boxes (where possible) from the Kings Highway turnoff along the Captains Flat Road and in Wanna Wanna, Green Acres (Powell Drive), Clydesdale, Stony Creek, Radcliffe, Molonglo River Park, Widgiewa, “Carwoola”, “Woolcara”, and Primrose Valley, with limited distribution in Hoskinstown and Forbes Creek.

Residents in the above distribution area will receive a free copy in their mail box each month, courtesy of the advertisers, many of whom also live in this area. The aim of the Gazette is to keep residents informed of activities in the local area. On the inside front cover are contact details for the various community organisations in the area and their volunteer office bearers. Assistance is just a phone call away.

Regular monthly articles in the Carwoola Gazette include Gardening tips, The Weed Patch (Diary of a dedicated non-poisoning weeder), Birds of Carwoola, Weather Watch for the previous month, and free Classifieds. There are also regular reports from Carwoola Community Association, Carwoola Rural Fire Brigade and Carwoola Landcare Group.

Contributions from residents are always welcome, either on a regular or one-off basis.

For Advertising Information, Contributions and Classifieds, see information here

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