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Carwoola Residents Beware: Household Property Thieves Active in Radcliffe Area

Some time between approx 2-30PM Sunday 1st Sep and 10-00PM Friday 6th September, a thief or thieves were present on our property at 201 Bowen St (Radcliffe) Carwoola.
Nothing was taken and there was no sign of attempt to enter our house.  However, a serious and focussed attempt was made to make off with our water pump from the household water supply tank.  There were signs of movement of the pump cover, an-plugged and damaged mains power cord requiring repair, and evidence of outlet pipe disconnection due to excessive ground wetness and muddy fingermarks all over the pump cover.  Earth had also been scraped away to a depth around the base, to figure out how to remove the fixed (and so far foolproof) protective cover.
Queanbeyan Police have been notified and they have recorded and filed a report.  Our closest neighbours have been advised and queried, but nothing and no one unusual was sighted during this period.
If anyone has noticed unusual or suspicious human or vehicular activity in our area recently, especially during the above period, we would appreciate any information, or you can contact Queanbeyan Police directly on 6298 0555 to add your input.
Please note: It seems that even our seemingly isolated streets and cul de sacs are no longer immune to petty theft.
Thank you and regards,
Lance and Jacqui Austin
201 Bowen St, Carwoola
(0414) 225 871; (0404) 251 434

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