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The Carwoola Community Association (CCA) aims to represent the common interests of the community and develop and maintain a community spirit amongst residents of the area.

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2 May 2017 - 6:19pm

HotSpots Café opens on 21 May

Starting on Sunday, 21 May, RFS is starting a small, regular coffee stop in conjunction with WildCare and LandCare.
We are hoping Carwoola residents who want a nice cuppa will drop in, chat with your neighbours and have a chat with us on fire & land management issues. Over time we’d like to build this into an active program of engagement with landholders to cooperate in managing our environment better.
The HotSpots program has been working very successfully in Burra for a few years and is growing in popularity there, such that a small, regular community market has set up alongside.
What is HotSpots? Hotspots is a community-based training program which provides...

by Dr. Radut